Wednesday, April 15, 2009

double the fun

on me: vintage shift dress, h&m wedges, his gap cardigan. on him: j. lindeberg shirt via oaknyc, april77 jeans, converse shoes

I wasn't feeling particularly photogenic but he was so I went along with it for the sake of the blog, haha. Well everyone, this is Brent. He likes DotA, cooking delicious dinners for me, and shopping just as much as I do (or maybe more). We like to sing the Pokemon theme song together and end our sentences with "PIKA". We didn't do much when these were taken other than drink mojitos and eat the delicious beef and broccoli dinner that he cooked for us.

(And I finally got my crackberry so I have no excuse for missing emails, oops! I'll reply to everyone by the end of today, I promise!)


Corinna said...

î want a blackberry too! congrats to a bf who likes to cook and go shopping..sounds perfect!

Mai said...

New boyfriend o_o?

camille said...

holy fuck, you two are cute.

meghan said...


J.Marie said...

you guys are so cute!
& we have the same blackberry, you'll fall in love with it, trust me

Anonymous said...

Aw, you finally got a boyfriend that'll willfully pose w/ you.

She's Dressing Up said...

Such cute photos!

Christine said...

You two are so cute! And he must be really tall to be that much taller than you when you're in heels o_o

permanently black and blue said...

oh this is just too adorable. it would be nice to see the details of the dress though :)

lovelydisco said...

Cute couple. You guys match.

Celia said...

completely adore you two.

Anonymous said...

new boyfriend....?

Rissa said...

Long time no see Anabella! Still as cute as ever. Hadn't visted your chictopia in ages.

New boyfriend? You two look so cute!

Do you want to exchange links?

Anonymous said...

Is he religious? Or are rosaries just fashion accessories now...

Rissa said...

Haha, that was quick! Added you back :)

Victoria C said...

you two are so good together, i love both of your styles! xo

denise said...

you guys are way too fucking cute. i love it.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is amazing! I've seen your posts on Chictopia and you have like the cutesssssssssst style. Your bf is so tall! Do you mind telling how tall you are?

Mega said...

My GOD its adorible overload!

Anonymous said...

mmMmm blondes are better

YUKO said...

AAH finally couple outfit post. how cute.

Maverick Malone said...

Cute :)

Sharina said...

Ack! You two are the cutest!!! :)
I love you both! Hihi.
Also i love your posts! Im def. linking you up!! +


Steph. said...

i love the black wedges :)


You're TALL how tall are you excatly?

helvetica said...

hello annabell, just found your blog thru tumblr,and i'm a little bit curious, are u indonesian? you look so much indonesian in a way.
i really like all your pictures, you're so beautiful :)
and, i linked you on my blog, hope you dont mind :)

Rissa said...

I tagged you, time to get back into the role of blogging :)

ohleoluca said...

omigosh, mojitos that one looks so good! you guys match so well. I like his gray converse sneakers and stripe tee.

Kate said...

Omg, I never even knew you had a blog! You're on my freindslist on livejournal (myseaofacorns) and I have been missing your posts! Now I know what you have been so busy about :)

I'll link you right away <3
Lovely blog you have here.

julesinthecity said...

aw, you are so cute! :) Mmm... Mojitos! :D

Baby Says Boutique said...

Sweet! xo

plastikneon said...

Your boyfriend plays doTa, that's awesome. You two look really cute together too

Anonymous said...

Your bf is a giant considering how tall you are! Adorable <3

Anonymous said...

You and you're boyfriend are SUCH a cute couple! <3

he must be REALLY tall!

L'exigeante said...

You two looks so cute. Your blog is just amazing, i really like it. and your pictures wow ! so refreshing. Really you are so gorgeous. Thanks for this moment :-)

( Sorry for my bad english LOL )

sa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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