Tuesday, February 23, 2010

making chicken enchiladas with chile verde

making enchiladas from Annabel Ly on Vimeo.

Put together a bunch of random clips to make this video of BF making enchiladas for us. The song is “sweet time replay (feat. dahlia)” by capsule. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments, I'm trying my best to deal and get over this as soon as possible! It's kind of strange to get used to "taking it easy" and I can't wait until things are normal again but it's interesting to take a step back and take a look at what I was doing wrong by stressing myself out so much. It's unnatural for everything to go exactly as planned and I really need to learn how to stop beating myself up for it. I'm trying, I'm trying.


Jessica Chu said...

This looks amazing. You should totally post the recipe!

The Bambina said...

Wow you guys should really have a cooking show! Super entertaining!! How did you film this?
Those enchiladas look so delicious.

amy said...

this video makes me really want to upgrade my dslr to one that has a video mode.

Fabulocity in Amish Country said...

Wow... I want those enchiladas! I love enchiladas!! Recipe post pretty please???

Gail said...

Looks soo yummy! Recipe?! :D

Ganymede Girl said...

Wow those look incredible, please share the recipe! Cheesy chickeny goodness mmmmm.


Fahmida said...

Le sigh. You, Annabel, are ONE LUCKY WOMAN. Le double sigh. That video was actually really creative; I can kind of picture this in the middle of an Asian drama actually, SO CUTE.

PS. Have him post the recipe for us? Or better yet, if he feels like it, make a blog!

sarah said...

recipe! recipe!
(this video is strangely godard-esq! n'est pas?)

Jennifer said...

I agree with those above me who want the recipe, those enchiladas look amazing.

girlontheave said...

great video, please post the recipe! take care and get well soon annabel...i know u will come back stronger:)

christine grace said...

aw how sweet of him to make that! would def like to see more food vids on your blog! nom nom nom

Moomby said...

that was a really cute video. and a cooking boyfriend is even cuter!

raven said...

this looks SO freaking GOOD!!! the song you chose was perfect for this.

so, does your BF do parties? (i kid, i kid)

feel better!

- www.lipstickandlumber.com

FlashFash said...

Looks sooo good! You should definitely post the recipe so everyone could try making one :D


Sonya said...

I agree, a recipe would be fantastic! It looks delicious.


an jaeden said...

wuta cuuute video and it looks so freakn yummmy!

connie said...

omg that looks simply delicious! i love the song!!!!! :-) please post up the recipe! also, get better soon annabel!

silence sweetheart said...


Karafina said...

the best part is the end! how adorable are you guys!

Les Inspirations de Marie said...

I really like your blog !
Marie (from France)

al said...

Love Love Love!!

aDeLiNe said...

OMG I'm so hungry right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Son mis favoritas ! Me encantan las enchiladas ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

you have a nice boyfriend. :-)

Call Us Mesdemoiselles said...

the video is so cute and the food looks delicious!

oldest poison said...

Ohmygod, your man is perfect. The enchiladas looked so good.

Jennifer said...

Ridiculously adorable video; the best bit is when you reach in and adjust the stray bit of cheese as it's exactly what I want to do!

Katherine said...

I hope that you feel better. A retrospective isn't bad!
And remember Stress is one of the biggest setbacks and downfalls, i'm sure you will get better in no time!

Sarah P said...

Adorable video! I wish you a speedy recovery!

donna said...

Get well soon, Annabel! :)

jane said...

oh my, this looks absolutely delicious. i'm so envious!

Tabitha said...

You two seem to have an amazing relationship. <3 It's like the kind I want when I grow up. hehe. Those enchiladas look yummy.

mrsalbion said...

I already told you but get well soon! :)

This looks amazing and I had to smile when your hand adjusted the cheese because I wanted to do the same all the time :D

The last few seconds are cute :)

Hope you enjoyed the meal!

Holly said...

Awesome video! The song went so well with it, haha. What kind of camera did you use to film it?

Sophia said...

feel better hun. sometimes it is so so crucial to just take a break from it all. what more do you need at the moment? some rest + a bf that feeds you with deliciousness? :o)

rania said...

that was fantastic! it really was, not even lying. do more!

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

phresh-produce said...

omg i am so making that tonight thanks annabelle!!

lara said...


Anonymous said...

what camera do you use? how do you get the video to look so light?

Everyone loves fashion said...

yummmmmy i wish i could do it myself at my home :)

Jacqueline said...

Yummy! xo

Pucci in the Kitchen at www.FashionSnag.com

Anonymous said...

dun know you in real life but judging from your blog posts, photos, and videos, you seem like such a wholesome and beautiful intelligent young lady! someone people would love to have as a friend (:

Aimee said...




s said...


de-lurking after forever to say...OMG how yummy does that look!

and, i hope you get better as soon as possible - keep your spirits high. take care!

the style crusader said...

these look incredible! is the recipe up someone for them? would love to try to make them. xx

inked said...

those cookies look amazing

Marisa said...

oh my goodness ... that all looks amazing! you're so lucky to have an awesome enchilada -making boyfriend. hope that you're feeling better!


J said...

I didn't realize how hungry I was til I watched this! Looks really good!

Amanda B. said...

YUMMMMMM!! These look so delicious, I would love to learn how to make them! You are a very lucky girl to have found a man who can cook such tasty looking enchiladas! Feel better :)

Anonymous said...


How wonderful.

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Ailee said...

Nice video!
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